Livanta National Medicare Claim Review Contractor

Medical Record Reimbursement


Electronic submissions of medical records via esMD, Direct Secure Message, or eLiFT will be reimbursed at $3.00 per record. Duplicate submissions or records will not be reimbursed.

CMS Rules:

  1. Electronic submissions are paid at a flat rate of $3.00 per patient record. A patient record is defined as "all patient care data and other pertinent data or information relating to care or services provided to an individual patient in the possession of the provider or practitioner, as requested by a QIO for the purpose of performing one or more QIO functions."
  2. Duplicate copies of medical records submitted for the same requested episode of care will not be reimbursed. Similarly, records that are submitted using multiple formats, in fragments, or more than once in response to a single request by the QIO will be reimbursed only once.
  3. No per page amount is paid for electronic submissions. No postage will be paid for CDs submitted. Records submitted on CDs, if acceptable, will be paid at $3.00 per record.
  4. Only providers will be paid; no vendors will be paid directly by Livanta. Livanta will not acknowledge, save, or pay based on invoices from the provider or a document handling agent.

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